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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Danny meets Elmo on his 1st birthday!

Danny meets Elmo for the first time! lol
This was actually one of my favorite cakes... Unfortunately, after dropping off the cake, I tried transferring the photos onto my computer and somehow they mysteriously disappeared. So I had to wait for pictures from the mom. It's too bad because I had some really nice shots of Elmo!
I deliverd the cake in San Francisco, but the birthday party was in Hayward. It was a very hot day and they had a long drive... someone carried the cake on their lap, so the cake is a little lopsided and the candle was suppose to be tilted to the right.

Top Tiers: Yellow cake with Chocolate
Second Tier: Chocolate Mocha Crunch (SOOOO GOOD! =P)

Hey Girl,

Thank you for doing the cake during this time. It turned out great. I will email you the pics once I get them. Thank you a billion and trillion times.


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  1. i don't know if you know, but i was the one that told murielle that you make cakes. you see sheila and i work together and are really good friends. so, she showed me your cakes and mentioned that you and my cousin know each other. such a small small world. the cake was sooo cute and it was able to withstand the scorching weather that day. thank lord we had the shade.

    but i wanted to let you know the mocha crunch was perfect. not too sweet and definitely not filling. the perfect way to suffice my sweet tooth after a day of non-stop eating.

    i can't wait to pick up MY order tonight!