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Friday, February 27, 2009

Red Tricycle writes - "A Piece of Cake"

I received this email about a week ago, but I'm not sure how they heard about me? Although, I thought it would be really cool! I checked out their site and it's pretty interesting! For those who are cool and hip, but busy- This is a place for you... Sign up!

Hi Mae. I got your info from Jacqui Boland, my boss at Red Tricycle. We'd be interested in featuring your business in our newsletter. Can you tell me a little bit about how you started making cakes, and how you make your incredible designs? They are all fondant, right? Do you do all flavors? I think you are quite a talent, and would love to let our readers know about you. Any info you can give me about kid cakes, in particular? Price info?
Thanks so much.
All best,

Below is a copy of the article:

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San Francisco
February 24, 2009
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A Piece of Cake
Your pride and joy has a birthday coming up so you start planning now: overseeing the invitations, decorations (nearly passing out from blowing up balloons), games, and snacks. And though all the reward you need is to see the joy on your child's face, a good bite or two of cake helps sweeten the day for any parent. It's even sweeter when the cake is a real showstopper. Enter Marianne DeGuzman, the proprietress of Mae Makes Cakes. What used to be a simple hobby has blossomed into a business as buzz got around that her cakes were spectacular! She's made spot-on replicas of high-top Nike sneakers, a pile of bananas, Curious George, Pluto, even a cake topped with fondant sausages (don't ask). And that is, literally, just the icing on the cake-Mae whips up flavors kids and parents love like vanilla with chocolate cream cheese filling, or carrot cake with cream cheese, coconut, and walnut filling. Even if your kid demands a "theme" that seems a little out of left field (one of our family members once demanded "an orange van" cake for her 5th birthday), Mae can accommodate. Let your little one's imagination run wild--it's his birthday; the sky's the limit!

Mae Makes Cakes


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  1. You are SOOOOO boss right now! WOW!!!! You might be the coolest person I know of! =) Congrats Mae! It's all well deserved.