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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Princess Tiara Cake -
(An order from across the world!)

This was a very LAST MINUTE cake order from SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA for a delivery today, Saturday, the 17th! Because of the time difference, I received an email around 3:30pm on Friday to make a 2 tiered cake with a Cinderella slipper- it was so last minute, I did not have enough time to mold the slipper. So I made a 2 tiered cake with a simple tiara on top of a pillow with pearls, and a scroll instead.
Anjee Macaraeg from Sydney, Australia visited San Francisco not too long ago. During her visit, she was accommodated by family friends in San Leandro. To thank them for their generosity, she wanted to give a cake as a gift for their daughter's 18th birthday. Very thoughtful! Although she is located thousands of miles away, she was very easy to work with!

I gave the pillow a unique design so it would look different than most pillows. The crown was made of gumpaste and it took a while to dry. Gumpaste is very hard to work with, it tends to crack! >:/ The rhinestones are not edible of course, only used as accents to the cake.
FLAVOR: 1st Tier, Vanilla and Chocolate Filling
2nd Tier, Chocolate and Chocolate Filling

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